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Introducing WBLL & The Addition of A Teams

Central Marin is proud to announce that we are officially joining the WBLL & Marin League.  This is a newly formed league that consists of local teams and is committed to growing the sport of lacrosse in the Western Bay Area.  Click here to learn more about WBLL.

Along with joining the WBLL comes the ability to compete in the “A” league.  Historically, Central Marin has only fielded teams that compete in the “B” league.  Given the growth of our program over the years, we are now ready to take the next step to higher levels of competition for certain age groups.   So what does that mean?


  • Consists of only local Marin teams, with opportunity to schedule non-league games throughout the season
  • Teams include U8 and U10 B Teams

Marin League

  • Consists of 8 teams in Marin and South Bay
  • Teams include U14 (A & B), U12 (A & B), and U10 (A Only)



For 2022 and going forward the WBLL & Marin Leagues are instituting a clear “town based” geographical boundary requirement for which teams players/families can join.  The goal of these policies is to focus on growing the sport, fostering a healthy environment focused on development, and to ensure competitive balance.  The goal is also to mitigate recruiting and “team stacking”.  All clubs within the WBLL and Marin League are non-profit organizations that intend to serve their local communities.  Central Marin is fully supportive of this initiative.   So what does this mean??

  • Central Marin serves the 94901 & 94903 counties
  • If you DO NOT reside in these zip codes, we ask that you join your local club instead
  • There are some exceptions:
    • Players in 6th grade and above who have historically played for Central Marin players are “grandfathered” in and therefore are able to continue playing with our club
    • Players in 5th grade and below should move to their local club, with exceptions for those who face “special circumstances”
    • Special Circumstances will be considered and include: if a player goes to school outside of the home region, bullying, multiple residence's due to split family situation, divisional team not offered at "home club", etc.
    • Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding playing out-of-territory