Player Code of Conduct

I promise to have a positive attitude and be responsible for my actions and participation in Central Marin Lacrosse.

I understand that as a Central Marin lacrosse player, I am expected to “be the best” in terms of effortand my actions both on and off the field.  This includes how hard I work in school and at home, notjust on the lacrosse field.

I will respect my coaches and will listen to them at all times.

I will respect all aspects of the game, including coaches, referees, teammates, opponents and fans.

I will be a good sport, and will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, refereesand fans at every game and practice.

I will support my teammates and be a team player.

I will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

I will take responsibility for my own behavior, equipment and game uniforms.

I will do my best in school.

I will attend all practices and games.  If I have a conflict I will notify my coach as soon as possible.

I will arrive at practice and games on time, with all of my equipment and ready to play and warm-

I will make sure my parents know when practice will end so I am picked up on time.

I understand that ABSOLUTELY no language or attitude unbecoming a lacrosse player will be tolerated at practice or a game.

I will honor the game of lacrosse, and honor the Player Code of Conduct in my words and actions.  I understand that if I don’t live up to my promises, I can be suspended from practices, games, and even asked to leave the team.