Spring 2022 - Boys Program

Our boys spring lacrosse program give players an opportunity to develop and compete at any level.  Whether you’ve never picked up a stick before – or are looking to compete at the highest level, we are committed to providing players with an opportunity to: 1) develop and improve, 2) compete in an appropriate environment, and 3) focus on having fun.   We believe lacrosse (and all sports) provide an invaluable medium to develop into better citizens: through hard work, kindness, teamwork, and humility.

CMLC team
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Key Dates

  • November 9th: Player registration & Team Store opens
  • January 10th: Player registration and uniform store closes
  • Mid-to-end January: Player evaluations for team placement
  • Mid-to-end February: Practices begin – team & school holiday schedules dependent
  • March 12th: First weekend of games begins
  • April 2-10 & 17th: No Games – Holiday & Spring Break
  • May 14/15: Final regular season weekend
  • May 21/22: Playoffs and finals


Boys & Girls Kindergarten Scrub Jays

  • No games against other teams. Just mini “fun-games” throughout practice
  • Focus is on having fun and running around
  • No player evaluations necessary
  • Open to both boys and girls
  • Sticks only, using a tennis ball
  • Practice once per week for 1 hour

Boys U8: 1st & 2nd Grade

  • Competes in Marin League (all games in Marin)
  • No player evaluations necessary
  • Teams consist of 8 players
  • Number of teams dependent on turn-out
  • Practice 1-2 time per week. 1-hour long practices
  • Games are on small fields with small goals (4x4)
  • Format is 4 vs 4 (1 attack, 2 midfield, 1 defense, no goalie)
  • Focus on learning fundamentals and having fun

Boys U10: 3rd and 4th Grade

  • A Team: TBD depending on turnout. Competes in WBLL
  • B Teams: Compete in Marin League
  • Multiple B teams possible depending on turnout
  • Player Evaluations - YES
  • Teams consist of 10-14 players
  • Practice 2 time per week. 1.5-hour long practices
  • Games are on small fields with small goals (4x4)
  • Format is 8 vs 8 (2 attack, 3 midfield, 2 defense, 1 goalie)
  • Focus on learning fundamentals, developing skills further, and having fun

Boys U12: 5th and 6th Grade   &   U14: 7th & 8th Grade

  • A Teams: YES for 2022 Season. Competes in WBLL
  • B Teams: Compete in WBLL
  • Multiple B teams possible depending on turnout
  • Player Evaluations - YES
  • Teams consist of 15-22 players
  • Practice 2-3 time per week. 2-hour long practices
  • Games are on full fields with regulation goals (6x6)
  • Format is 10 vs 10 (3 attack, 3 midfield, 3 defense, 1 goalie)

Announcement: New 2022 Boys Shoulder Pad Rules

Please be advised that beginning on January 1, 2022 all boys lacrosse players are required to wear shoulder pads that meet the National Operating Committee on Standard for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

This new equipment update is intended to make the sport safer for the players. Product compliance with ND200 reduces impact forces and thus the risk of commotio cordis (cardiac arrest due to a blow to the heart area).

For more information on the new shoulder pad requirements, please click here: https://www.usalacrosse.com/lacrosse-chest-protector-faq

Please check out our local lacrosse stores, as they should be well stocked with compliant shoulder pads for the upcoming season.


Evaluations will be held in mid-to-late January and are mandatory for U10, U12, and U14.  NO PLAYERS WILL BE CUT – registrants are guaranteed to be placed on a team.  Evaluations will be used to ensure proper & balanced team placement.  For the first time, Central Marin will be fielding “A” teams to compete in the WBLL for select age/gender groups depending on the depth and experience of players who register.  For certain age groups, we may determine to field TWO “B” league teams.  Evaluations will help us to make sure players are competing in the most optimal and balanced environment possible.

Equipment Players Need

  • Helmet
  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Mouth piece
  • Protective gloves (not hockey gloves)
  • Shoulder/ arm pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Protective cup
  • Cleats (rubber not metal)


For 2022 and going forward the WBLL & Marin Leagues are instituting a clear “town based” geographical boundary requirement for which teams players/families can join.  The goal of these policies is to focus on growing the sport, fostering a healthy environment focused on development, and to ensure competitive balance.  The goal is also to mitigate recruiting and “team stacking”.  All clubs within the WBLL and Marin League are non-profit organizations that intend to serve their local communities.  Central Marin is fully supportive of this initiative.   So what does this mean??

  • Central Marin serves the 94901 & 94903 counties
  • If you DO NOT reside in these zip codes, we ask that you join your local club instead
  • There are some exceptions:
    • Players in 6th grade and above who have historically played for Central Marin players are “grandfathered” in and therefore are able to continue playing with our club
    • Players in 5th grade and below should move to their local club, with exceptions for those who face “special circumstances”
    • Special Circumstances will be considered and include: if a player goes to school outside of the home region, bullying, multiple residence's due to split family situation, divisional team not offered at "home club", etc.
    • Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding playing out-of-territory